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Bubble Ball Candle

Bubble Ball Candle


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A unique shaped candle with 296g of wax.

The wax used in these luxury candles, combines the unbeatable scent throw of a paraffin wax with the creamy appearance and benefits of clean, natural rapeseed. It’s is one of the best on the market.

These luxury handmade candles burn from 25 to over 40 hours depending on care taken. The candles are loaded with a minimum of 10% Fragrance oil for a strong long lasting Scent. It also burns evenly and cleanly.

Relax with these beautiful candles in your Living Room, Bathroom, or Study. You wont be disappointed!

Each and every candle is hand poured to create the perfect candle each time.

If you would like a particular fragrance not on our list, please contact us to see if we can provide this for you.

We also personalise candles for wedding, gifts, favours etc. If you require personalisation, please add this to your basked and add a note at checkout with your requirements.

Tips: When you first light you candle allow it to burn until it creates the even scent pool of approximately 1/2 inch of melted wax for best scent throw/scent pool. Keep your wick trimmed to approx. 1/4 inch. Always burn your candle within sight and away from flammable materials.

Please allow 5-7 Days for the candle to be dispatched as they are made to order

** Please note, as these are hand poured, handmade candles the weight may be 1-2 grams up or down and the colour may vary slighty as each candle and colour is handmixed.


Oud, Linen Fresh, Ocean Breeze, Alien, Creed, French Vanilla, French Lavender, Christmas Spice


Cream (Signature), Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Green, Pink, Lilac

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