Meet Deepa….

I am a full time mummy to a beautiful daughter & a wife to a very lucky husband (just kidding, i’ll let him tell you how lucky he is)

My mum, the light in my world and the reason I am who I am today, was a single parent since I was 10 months old, and the best mother I could have ever wished for. She was diagnosed with heart failure and in 2017 things took a turn for the worst. In Feb 2020 my world fell into darkness. My hero, inspiration and role model of a woman, passed away, leaving me with the right tools to move my life forward and fight for what I wanted most wanted in life. My mum always pushed me to be and do my best, she encoraged me to educated myself to MSc Level and gain professional qualifications, and told me that once I had that behind me, ‘The world was my oyster”, I could do whatever I wanted in life.

I set up Jewel Affair Ltd in 2020, after being a full time carer for my mum I wanted to spend quality time with my daughter and my husband, and decided working for myself and my family was what I wanted to do.

I am small home based business in West London, specialising in luxury handmade candles, wax melts, & reed diffusers.

Candles and Reed Diffusers are a huge passion of mine. My house if full of them and I enjoy them for some great quality wellbeing & relaxing time.

I wanted to share my passion and the joy I get from candles, with my customers, friends and family and also wanted to do something in my mums name for charity, a percentage of our profits is given to the British Heart Foundation to help support research into heart disease.

Our Products

We only use 100% pure coconut and soy wax blend.  This is one of the best on the market and has a much longer burn time than most waxes. It has a creamy finish and outstanding hot and cold scent throw.

All our products are vegan and all products from wax melts to candles to reed diffusers are loaded with the maximum amount of fragrance oil for a strong long lasting scent and even, clean burns

The Reed Diffusers are loaded with the maximum percentage of fragrance oil to create a long lasting, beautiful and delicate scent from the minuite you open the bottle, right up until the last drop.

Relax with these beautiful candles and reed diffusers in your Living Room, Bathroom, or Study. You wont be disappointed!


Each and every candle and reed diffusers is hand poured to create the perfect finish each time.

Each ribbon, and label is also hand crafted to perfection, however this also means that no one product is exactly the same.


We also personalise candles for wedding, gifts, favours etc. Please contact me at if you would like to discuss any bespoke orders


Please note, although every care is taken to ensure the weight of each product is the same, these luxury candles and reed diffusers are hand poured meaning the weight of each may vary by 1-2 grams.