Topsy Turvy

This is my first blog post ever.

I decided to start blogging only very recently. I decided it was a great platform to share all my thoughts, ideas and worries, happy thoughts and much more.

I am a 28 year old Daughter, Wife and Business Owner.  I recently got made redundant and decided to work with my husband in his telecommunications business (Ace Communications ), as well as doing my own thing running workshops for  businesses and their learning and development departments (KDHG Consultancy).

The workshops I run consist of Coaching, Leadership Development, Having Difficult Conversations and Dealing with Conflict, Accountability and Responsibility, Influencing and Negotiating and many more.

So, since being made redundant I have been a lady of leisure, I say this because I am able to wake up a bit later than usual, I don’t have to drive 46 odd miles a day and I can happily make sure my mum, husband and dog are all well catered for before I begin my working day.

Because I feel satisfied that my day has started right I feel more productive at work and hence have been helping my husband to enhance his business.

Working for one self is hard work. There are many pros and cons.  However hard it may be I am determined to make it work. Not sure I would be as happy as I am now going back into employment


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