NKF Raffle

We announced the winner of our National Kidney Federation Raffle Prizes,

  1. first prize winner – Iyna Butt
  2. second prize winner – Natasha Gandhi

We are really grateful to everyone who contributed and supported us. This Cause is very close to my heart. My grandmother whom I was very close to was a kidney patient and had dialysis 3 times a week. Kidney disease is something very tiresome. Firstly not being able to eat foods high in potassium, this is life changing in itself – bananas, spinich, tomatoes etc. It can become difficult. Secondly being hooked up to a machine for upto 6 hours 3 times a week and for some patients, longer, this is tiring and wearing on the body.

Chronic Kideny disease is a long term condition where the kidney dont work as well as they should. It is a disease common amongst the Caribbean and south Asian communities.

As someone who has seen this close up its very important to me to help the charities that help people with this condition.

We hope to be raising money regularly for this great cause with lots of fantastic items up for grabs. Keep a look out and in the mean time sending you all lots of sparkle and love

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