Jewel Affair

We have been working really hard to bring our clients amazing and beautiful jewellery. We have some fabulous designers, who have really taken inot consideration what we want, the quality and the look.

Our facebook page @jewelaffair and instagram page @jewel_affair has recently been on fire. We love hearing from our clients who have bought jewellery and have taken pics to send us. It means so much to us to have the right price but the highest quality.

We would love to hear from some of our followers, what type of jewellery they are into at the moment and what really rocks their boat.

I personally love simple designs and am more of an earring type of person. I love beautifully designed earrings and care slightly less for necklaces. If i had to wear a necklace it would have to be something big, bold and creates a statement with smaller stud type earrings.


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