It’s a Jewel Affair

So, Hubby and I decided to open a second business. His own business is in telecommunications, which has successfully been running for near enough 11 years. The new business we have now opened is called Jewel Affair, specialising in bespoke bridal, artifical jewellery and clutch bags. It feels like a massive achievement but at the same time feels slow as it is now after the christmas period. As wedding season surfaces, we have booked many exhibitions to take part in and get our name out there. Our aim as a business is to offer great, high quality products to customers at very reasonable prices. I remember when I was getting married, how hard it was to find good quality products at reasonable prices that wouldn\’t burn an even bigger hole in my pocket. So for all the lovely brides out there, and all the party lovers, we have a huge selection of clutch bags and jewellery – something for everyone. Take a look at our website 

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